Bad Libs Bio


Liam Grant (b. past year) is a musician and occupation based in city. A self-taught guitarist and native Mainiac, Grant has been praised as a "generational, adjective talent" for his adjective music, which has received praise from hipster blog, lefty newspaper, free weekly, foreign newspaper and others. On the strength of his first album, Swung Heavy: Gitarr for Fanatics, music nerd featured him as an artist to watch for coming year.

That same year, tiny unknown label also released his adjective first single as limited edition lathe cut 7" that sold low number copies in high number days. His upcoming projects include several 7" split singles with the likes of Mike "The animal" Gangloff (Pelt, color Twig Pickers), Spiral emotion Band and Troy "cartoon character" Schafer (Spiral emotion Band) as well as his next album, "obscure Maine landmark", due out in high number years due to current vinyl production issues.

Liam's collaborators include the aforementioned Ganloff, Grayson "insect" McGuire, Taner "description color" Lak, Dan "lower body part" Hagan as well as blues musician and blues musician.

Grant has performed at brewpub or winery, the random name Music Festival, the street name Theater and The tragic historical figure Center for the Arts, among many others.

He'll be verb'ing and touring the Northeast this entire summer before working on his next album. In spring 2023 Liam will head to the Pacific Northwest to verb his noun mainly in Portland, Oregon, the latest fad capital of the United States.

In his spare time, Liam collects boys name dolls, reads TV cartoon comic books and posts lewd snaps of his upper body part online while drinking alcoholic beverage and taking care of his pet critter Grayson.