Liam Grant




A few days after he was born, Liam Grant was left on the steps of an orphanage just outside the town of Masardis in Aroostook County, Maine.


Before the nuns were aware, he was abducted by a pack of wolves, who raised him as one of their own until he was about five years old.

Around that time he was found by a local hermit (who had recently undergone a philosophical upheaval during hallucinations after eating moldy black spruce gum off an ancient tree) who took in the feral child as his own.

Unlearned to the ways of readin' & writin', the hermit taught young Liam to communicate the only way he knew how: on an old 12-string acoustic guitar two strings short of a full set.

About the time Liam reached drinking age, he hopped a B&M train headed south and ended up in Gate City, NH where he currently lives in a two-ply refrigerator box with his one-eyed cat Grayson and busks guitar on the street corner to pay for whiskey & cat food.


Grayson the Cat
Grayson settling down for a nap