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Country Bluegrass, Ragtime and Blues plus Other Musicks For Discerning Listeners


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Androscoggin River Ragg


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• Six Strings of Tension interview with the reclusive Liam Grant by Durbin, South Africa's Duncan Park!


From the desk of LIAM GRANT

Feeling kinda tired of that endless stream of releases? Well sorry man but grab your 3rd cup of coffee and a hot wash cloth, some orange slices maybe, or whatever it is you gotta do because the sun still sets late enough to leverage your bets at least once and still have enough time in the day to grind those teeth to little stubs.

So cut the hibernation talk and bury the hatchet with that season another day.

Been long talk about bringing this to fruition and as of last Friday the guys from Spiral Joy Band Inc and I have a split 7in out via The Sound-O-Mat.

A long form modal slide piece back to back with Spiral Joy in trio formation at full tilt. Totally maximalist with different randomized vinyl color variations and all that good shit that'll leave you lost just trying to find where the groove begins and ends.

















Liam Grant

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